Friday, August 10, 2012

Article : Fuel As Passion...

 How many of you know how to play a musical instrument? And how many of you are still playing? Let me make an assumption. I would say only a handful of 10% of you still play the musical instrument after you've started working and got a family. At least 90% of my friends are in that statistics.

The funny thing is most of them still have a little piece of their dream/passion stucked somewhere between their heart and brains. On one side, there's still the 'concept' of becoming a rockstar and make a living out of doing something they loved. On the other spectrum, there's the 'been there, done that, can't make enough money' group which has a more realistic view in life.

I'm not saying that you can't make a living through music, but its more of what the musicians went through and saw. Imagine that Mr A spends 80% of his time practising and jamming during his teenage years (being a teenager, you don't worry about buying a car or going for fancy dinners), spend 80% of his pocket money on jam studio fees, equipments, accessories, gigs, band merchandise and lets say he spent 5 years doing so. At the same time, his friend, Mr B, got a job, some got promoted within that time frame and Mr A is still playing music at payless gigs, without a line of merchandise to sell and trying to write and sell music for the local market.

Now, in movies and the rockstar dream, usually the musician will hit his big break and make millions and doing awesome tours around the world. How many of us actually make it? Especially in Malaysia. Of course we have celebrities like Amy Search, Hillary Ang, Datin Siti, Awie , Sudirman ,Ajai, M. Nasir and so on, but try taking that and versus the number of rockstar wannabes.....

It's demotivating when we put things into perspective, but it's the truth and everyone knows it including the musicians. There will be a point where majority of the grown up musicians will submit to the ugly truth and move on with their lifes. When this happens, it's like having your dreams shattered by an unseen force. The dissapointment will be doubled because there's no one to blame except yourselves.

Though the dream seems far fetched, having a dream is never a bad thing. And for us, we have a number of role models to look up to for inspiration and it gives us hope that it's achievable.

The most important ingredient to be a musician is passion because passion don't need food or money to survive, just someone who believes in it and passion will be the fuel needed to reach the stars.... with a little luck and a lot of talent.

Don't stop believing in your dreams and make sure passion is your best friend in this journey...


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Drum Tao: Art of Drum Tour 2012

The most anticipated show of the year – DRUM TAO “ART OF DRUM” is set to tour Kuala Lumpur for the first time.

Following their highly successful and critically acclaimed sell out World Tours and No.1 box office smash hit of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Japan’s most celebrated and elite company of martial drummers, DRUM TAO, are set to tour in KL bringing with them their breathtaking blend of ancient and modern percussion artistry in their new awe inspiring and innovative production.
Seen by over 5 million people worldwide, amassing an unsurpassed reputation for their stunningly executed performances. The incomparable quality and pure unadulterated power and spectacle of their work perfectly blends the ancient traditions of the Taiko Drumming and martial arts mastery with the innovative and flawlessly choreographed production values of contemporary Japanese excellence. Be moved by the powerful, intensely physical and thrilling Taiko drumming and the softer voices of the Japanese flute and horizontal harp that are Drum Tao. They will transport you in a single and unforgettable universe with their stunning performances.
"Undoubtedly one of the finest shows on offer this has to be seen to be believed"
The Herald
"Spectacular percussive, visually compelling, and elementally energising.....precisely choreographed and athletically strange and beautiful as a dream".UK Independent
"Extraordinarily talented…" Chicago Tribune

Address: Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03 7880 7999
From: Aug 24, 2012  To: Aug 25, 2012
Time: Fri, 8pm; Sat, 3pm & 8pm.
Price: RM88-RM308

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Kuala Lumpur – Get ready to paint the town a kaleidoscope of reds when hot-wired US rockers MGMT hits KL Live on March 25th for their first ever Malaysian concert. Crossing psychedelic rock with pure adrenaline electro-pop, MGMT is the band behind massive international radio hits Time to Pretend, Kids, Electric Feel and It’s Working and the albums Oracular Spectacular [2008] and Congratulations [2010].

MGMT LIVE IN KUALA LUMPUR is brought to you by FUTURE SOUND ASIA (FSA), the highly regarded organizers of successful shows like Thirst featuring Godskitchen Boombox, The Rapture, 2manydjs, Boysnoize and many more.

Led by duo Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser, MGMT emerged in 2008 and immediately took the critics, the music fans and the pop charts by storm, creating a mass of public support around the globe. And with the rapid success of their debut album Oracular Spectacular, the band cut their teeth on the live festival circuit before graduating to their own large-scale headline shows with the release of second album Congratulations in 2010.

***Concert Info***

Date: Friday, 25 March 2011.
Time: 8pm onwards
Venue: KL Live, 20 Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 KL
Web: &
Tickets: Will be announce on 3 January.

Facebook Event :

Paramore "a manufactured product of a major label," - Zac Farro

"The band was in the dark the whole time. After many meetings between Hayley, her manager and the labels they decided to sign her to Atlantic Records. We didn't understand why Hayley was the only one signing the contract since we were told this was a 'band,' but we were too young to grasp all of this. ... Next thing we knew we were having a signing party for Hayley."

"Hayley's father ... would constantly threaten to 'pull the plug' on the whole band if we complained about anything, suggesting that we were hired guns and Hayley was the real artist, when in reality we were also part of the band. We've always been treated as less important than Hayley. It's been obvious how her family views things."

"Hayley claimed that this record reunited us as band and made us grow closer together, when in reality we were all growing further apart," he writes. "Suddenly the band had spilt into two sides. Touring became more difficult since we couldn't agree on anything. The friendships our band once had were no longer existent."


I guess it sucks to be in a band like this anyway right?? well, we wish that all parties from Paramore have a bright future in this music industry... The Farro brothers can always form a new band... and Hayley can always be the 'rock star' she's meant to be... :D

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rihanna's Concert in Malaysia Postponed !!!

The “Rihanna Live In Kuala Lumpur” concert scheduled for this Friday at the Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil has been postponed.

Concert organiser Pineapple Concerts Sdn Bhd said it has received an official statement from William Morris Agency in Los Angeles that the show will be rescheduled to a future date.

In a statement released Tuesday, the company stressed that this was not a cancellation but a mere postponement.

Rihanna’s management will confirm within two weeks, a replacement date to be mutually agreed by Pineapple Concerts and the artiste, Pineapple Concerts managing director Razman Razali said in the statement....


This is due to THIS!!!! .... why chris?? WHY????