Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Blonde Redhead - 23

I just got to know them after watching an episode of Cool Hunting Videos podcast on my iTunes.. very nice music... They are a 3 piece band... vocals , Kazu Makin , Amedeo Pace and Simone Pace ... Music-wise , i would say they are a mix of Trip-Hop , Electronica and Indie Rock.. imagine a softer Garbage plus a mesh of FrouFour / Goldfrapp / Esthero vocal style.. They released their album , 23 , April last year... get it here.. i'm listening to them now.. very nice chillout feel for the whole album.. it's an album to listen to if you want a quiet night at home...

Here's some of their cool videos..

My Impure Hair - just patiently watch it ends.. tell me what you see... :)

The Dress - this is a Beautiful Agony - styled video... instead of watching people getting orgasm , you see people who actually cries in front of the camera.. with their music in the background , it makes you want to cry too...

Silently - This is a video accompanied with just words.. it's like telling a story.. without illustrations or videos of anything.. just words..

Top Ranking - 1 model , hundreds of different pose.. shot in a stop-motion way...

4 really cool videos... no visuals of the band members... created by California based director Mike Mills

- Taken from - mindspace -

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