Sunday, June 29, 2008

From Autumn to Ashes , Light This City , Himsa - Breaks upafter a long journey in music... RIP!!!

3 of the most influential bands of their own genres , calls it quits.. what a shame that everything that they have done so far has ended.. due to the hectic life of endless touring , the boredom of doing the same damn thing over and over again every single night , being sick of having no cash and time and at the same time having to live with a passion without the initial burning flame...

From Autumn to Ashes have decided to call it a day. Below is a quite from vocalist Francis Mark.

"At this point I feel that we have accomplished everything we could
have hoped for with FATA. It doesn't feel much like a break up. Just
feels like the end. It's complete. I would say that we are going on
indefinite hiatus because the term breakup suggests a more negative

"There have been no quarrels between band members. It is also not a
question of fan support because we are lucky to have some of the most
loyal and impassioned friends a band could ask for. I've dedicated
almost 9 years to FATA and it's become something of a security for me.
I'm looking forward to feeling uncertain and the freedom of starting a
new band that has no definition."


After canceling their scheduled tours last week, Light This City has
officially called it quits. Drummer Ben Murray has issued the following

"I know this is extremely unexpected and disappointing to a lot you out
there, but Laura [Nichol] and I have decided to end the band recently
because of personal and practical reasons. While this may come as a
shock to many, I hope I can shed some light on the reasons behind the

"First and foremost, the touring lifestyle and playing on stage every
night, as well as making this band our entire lives and our profession
had over time become stale and anxiety-ridden for both of us, and in
the end, not enjoyable anymore. We started this band because we loved
playing this kind of music and loved the release that we got out of it...... more here..


Himsa bassist Derek Harn has posted the following message:

"After 10+ years, four releases, countless tours and almost
incomprehensible (yet constant) upheaval, the last three years of the
band have been relatively stable. Having sacrificed everything we had
in order to ensure the band's survival it's time to let it go. We made
a great CD ('Summon in Thunder', Century Media); reportedly, our best.
We've got a great label. We're getting along, we've toured and we’re
fine. It's all good. We're leaving it at that..... more here..

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