Saturday, July 12, 2008

Malaysia : Auburn

They one of the local Malaysian bands that i really respect.. they have got a really down to earth guitarist/vocalist.. music-wise , progressive rock?? what i like is that , they sound something like A Perfect Circle + Indie + Rock.. they just sounds good... go get their 'mini album' - Karya now!!

Established in 2005, the band released a debut mini-album, Karya, with various indie and major compilation appearances slotted in between demonstrating their unique love and nuance for the classic alternative sound. They patiently wait out 2008 to make way for the birth of their bilingual full-length debut, The Altruist/Si Altruis, a record that hopes to realise a seven-year-long vision of their dreamy, progressive, dramatic alternative rock.

Check them out here!!!

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