Sunday, June 29, 2008

From Autumn to Ashes , Light This City , Himsa - Breaks upafter a long journey in music... RIP!!!

3 of the most influential bands of their own genres , calls it quits.. what a shame that everything that they have done so far has ended.. due to the hectic life of endless touring , the boredom of doing the same damn thing over and over again every single night , being sick of having no cash and time and at the same time having to live with a passion without the initial burning flame...

From Autumn to Ashes have decided to call it a day. Below is a quite from vocalist Francis Mark.

"At this point I feel that we have accomplished everything we could
have hoped for with FATA. It doesn't feel much like a break up. Just
feels like the end. It's complete. I would say that we are going on
indefinite hiatus because the term breakup suggests a more negative

"There have been no quarrels between band members. It is also not a
question of fan support because we are lucky to have some of the most
loyal and impassioned friends a band could ask for. I've dedicated
almost 9 years to FATA and it's become something of a security for me.
I'm looking forward to feeling uncertain and the freedom of starting a
new band that has no definition."


After canceling their scheduled tours last week, Light This City has
officially called it quits. Drummer Ben Murray has issued the following

"I know this is extremely unexpected and disappointing to a lot you out
there, but Laura [Nichol] and I have decided to end the band recently
because of personal and practical reasons. While this may come as a
shock to many, I hope I can shed some light on the reasons behind the

"First and foremost, the touring lifestyle and playing on stage every
night, as well as making this band our entire lives and our profession
had over time become stale and anxiety-ridden for both of us, and in
the end, not enjoyable anymore. We started this band because we loved
playing this kind of music and loved the release that we got out of it...... more here..


Himsa bassist Derek Harn has posted the following message:

"After 10+ years, four releases, countless tours and almost
incomprehensible (yet constant) upheaval, the last three years of the
band have been relatively stable. Having sacrificed everything we had
in order to ensure the band's survival it's time to let it go. We made
a great CD ('Summon in Thunder', Century Media); reportedly, our best.
We've got a great label. We're getting along, we've toured and we’re
fine. It's all good. We're leaving it at that..... more here..

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Upcoming Albums - Aborted , Unearth , Soulfly , Slipknot , Crytopsy

Unearth is currently recording at MA’s System Recording Studios with producer Adam Dutkiewicz, while the album’s drum tracks are being laid to tape by drummer Derek Kerswill (Kingdom of Sorrow, Seemless) at Zing Studios. The as-yet-untitled record is said to feature the band’s “most dynamic material to date,” combining strong tension and release, abundant guitar solos and a bulldozing power-groove.

“HEAVY METAL SHRED MAYHEM! NOW WITH 50% MORE GUITAR SOLOS!! If the new Unearth songs were laundry detergent, then this is what it would say on the box,” dishes Unearth lead guitarist Buz McGrath. “Fortunately for all you metal maniacs, it's not laundry soap, but a mind-blowing journey consisting of epic mosh and shred, so we had to call in the one man who could wrangle such a massive beast - Adam Dutkiewicz. We are very excited to be working with him again and between 40 oz. chugging and doing burn-outs in Ken's '82 Corvette, we are recording what will definitely be the best album of our career.”

- This is very very interesting.... can't wait for it..


European death metal butchers, Aborted, is set for a June 24th release for their sixth full-length, 'Strychnine.213', just as the band embarks on this year’s Summer Slaughter tour. fans can stream 'Strychnine.213' in its entirety on the group’s official MySpace page.


An audio sample of the new Soulfly single "Unleash" is available at The track, which will be released digitally on June 24, comes off the group's new album, "Conquer", which is due on July 29 via Roadrunner Records.


An audio sample of the new Slipknot single "All Hope Is Gone" is available at The track, which will be released digitally on June 20, comes off the group's long-awaited new album, which is due on August 26 via Roadrunner Records. Other working songtitles set to appear on the CD include "Moth", "Chapter One", "The Eleventh March", "Dirge", "Dead Memories", "Vendetta" and "Psycho Social".


Crytopsy will be releasing 'The Unspoken King' which could quite possibly also be their most brutal, yet dynamic offering. The much anticipated new effort is set for a June 24th release.

Here's a video of their Worship Your Demons done by acclaimed director David Brodsky (GWAR, Soilent Green). Enjoy this 2 minutes of audio brutality....

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Caliban Live in Kuala Lumpur

Caliban is coming to Kuala Lumpur to unleash their style of hardcore / metal!!! Expect awesome breakdowns !!! Crazy moshpit ...

They will be playing in the MCPA Theater this 2nd of August 2008 together with 10 other local hardcore/metal bands ...

To get you guys warmed up for Caliban , here's some videos...

Caliban's Wall of Death during 2006's Wacken..

Monday, June 9, 2008

Band Application on the iPhone - Music Making On The GO

In the recent iPhone's keynote in WWDC 2008 , Apple introduces an application called Band.. and with it you can actually practise your basslines, keys , drums , ... and record them on the go... awesomenesssssss....

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Quarter Inch presents Furion Escalada - interview and Tears of Blood

Check out this interview with Quarter Inch .... towards the end , there'll be Furion Escalada's song , Tears of Blood , .... consider it as our first ever video clip la.. ahaha.. ENJOY!!!

Blonde Redhead - 23

I just got to know them after watching an episode of Cool Hunting Videos podcast on my iTunes.. very nice music... They are a 3 piece band... vocals , Kazu Makin , Amedeo Pace and Simone Pace ... Music-wise , i would say they are a mix of Trip-Hop , Electronica and Indie Rock.. imagine a softer Garbage plus a mesh of FrouFour / Goldfrapp / Esthero vocal style.. They released their album , 23 , April last year... get it here.. i'm listening to them now.. very nice chillout feel for the whole album.. it's an album to listen to if you want a quiet night at home...

Here's some of their cool videos..

My Impure Hair - just patiently watch it ends.. tell me what you see... :)

The Dress - this is a Beautiful Agony - styled video... instead of watching people getting orgasm , you see people who actually cries in front of the camera.. with their music in the background , it makes you want to cry too...

Silently - This is a video accompanied with just words.. it's like telling a story.. without illustrations or videos of anything.. just words..

Top Ranking - 1 model , hundreds of different pose.. shot in a stop-motion way...

4 really cool videos... no visuals of the band members... created by California based director Mike Mills

- Taken from - mindspace -